Insights & Holistic Design Solutions

Future Group, connects to a diverse and passionate community of Indian buyers (220 mn), sellers and businesses (30,000).

It is therefore, extremely critical to understand the Indian consumers, sellers and buyers at various levels, in various contexts. To understand theirbeliefs and rooted practices, its relevance on consumption, the highs and lows of consumption cycles that influence planning, forecasting & sales.

In doing so, not only does it help to increase market-share but also creates mindshare and heart-share, which are very critical where the longevity of a Brand is concerned.

Future Ideas

Future Ideas proposes and brings a new way of creation of businesses, built on macro and micro insights lead by consumer

thinking.In an ever-evolving world that borrows practices yet retains identities, Future Ideas recommends a new way of problem solving which is dynamic and built on socio-cultural insights.

At Future Ideas, we see things through an Indian lens and believe in offering real solutions, as real as the social/cultural market it operates in, to have the desired impact. We partner with clients in this journey of discovering and insights. And in doing so, it takes us closer to understanding the consumer classes, amidst which we operate.

We specialize in understanding consumer groups, building insights and translating those insightsinto holistic design solutions.

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