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Modern Retail – The Indian Way

Liberalization of the economy, favourable demographics, higher disposable incomes and rapid urbanisation is fuelling India’s growth.

At the heart of the Indian growth story is its population, the generators of wealth both as producers and consumers. With the largest young population in the world, retail formats such as departmental stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, speciality stores etc. are flourishing.

But India’s heterogeneity, its complex weave of rich and diverse cultures and languages offer challenges not faced anywhere else in the world. In such a milieu, people’s needs cannot be met by one-size-fits-all products and services.

Indeed, the buying pattern of contemporary Indian consumers remains rooted in traditional behaviour. Future Group’s store formats are a product of this understanding – an understanding of the real India.

Future Group has integrated and transformed the traditional bazaar into a modern day retail shopping experience. We have renovated the public universe into spaces of personal consumption, where people come for individual freedom and self-gratification. Future Group has created a shopping experience that is interactive with the customer, a ‘Destination Store’, a place where people visit not only to shop, but to spend the entire day.

With the rationale of creating a DESTINATION that celebrates TOGETHERNESS and JOY, Future Group offers the virtues of SAVING thereby maximizing the VALUE of every rupee/moment spent at its stores.

Our understanding of local consumers and the community, integrating the science and art of retailing, empowering colleagues and creating happiness within the shopping space makes Future Group’s stores special.